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A Dishwasher’s dream

“You can dream of financial success, or you can make it happen. Choose the latter!”

A Dishwasher’s Dream

Your Launchpad to Financial Success

About the  Author


J.L. Marc Lefebvre, CFP is the founder, president, and CEO of Lefebvre International, a multinational financial services company that provides merchant services to small and large businesses around the globe, making it easy for them to buy or sell goods and services using virtually any form of payment.
From humble beginnings, Marc delivered newspapers, did yard work, and eventually landed a job at a pizza parlor as a dishwasher. While going to high school and grinding out 25 hours a week in a hot kitchen washing pots and pans, he developed a strong work ethic and embarked on a focused path to financial success.
Marc went on to college, graduated with a degree in business, and obtained his Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation. By the age of 28, he was the division manager in a large financial brokerage firm in Eastern Ontario, Canada where he worked hard and “climbed the ladder” for 13 years.
Sensing new opportunities in the world of e-commerce, Marc made the bold move to start his own company head-quartered in Naples, Florida. Founded in 1999, Lefebvre International has been processing business transactions for over two decades. During that time, Marc developed a knack for anticipating business requirements and spotting new market trends worldwide.
Marc believes that communication and a genuine desire to help people is the essence of financial accomplishment. The world of international finances can be a cold and calculated battlefield, he says, or it can be an exciting and enjoyable vocation rooted in the values of integrity, fairness, and cooperation.
After more than 35 years of honing his transactional skills and expertise, Marc has held true to the principles that have led to his success. He is now at a stage in his life where he wants to pass along lessons learned and strategies that helped him reach his goals so others can benefit and grow.

Marc Lefebvre

J.L. Marc Lefebvre

Author of a Dishwasher’s Dream

Your Launchpad to Financial Success 

Our First Release!

J.L. Marc Lefebvre

Author of A Dishwasher’s Dream

Your Launchpad to Financial Success

When J.L. Marc Lefebvre was 15 years old, he got his first part-time job washing dishes at a pizzeria. He never dreamt of being a dishwasher, but he had to start somewhere. Beyond Marc’s personal story, “dishwasher” stands for any entry-level job where one typically dreams of a better career and future.
Are you in a situation from which you wish you could springboard into a life of greater financial freedom? A Dishwasher’s Dream offers tools and principles that can help you get there, such as:

  • Learn to live within your means
  • Know your income and expenses
  • Pay off any debt that costs you
  • Pay with cash rather than credit
  • Start saving and investing today
  • Add or increase income streams
  • Prepare for unexpected events
Our First Release!

J.L. Marc Lefebvre

Author of A Dishwasher’s Dream

Your Launchpad to Financial Success


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A Dishwasher’s Dream is an entertaining life story with a powerful lesson of courage, grit, and basic financial information so needed in today’s society. Set your goals and actively pursue them if you literally want to stop washing dishes.

—John Duke Schneider Esq., founding member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys


Marc Lefebvre has written a must-read primer for anyone considering financial security and the mechanics behind financial independence. It is without reservation that I endorse and encourage you to read the A Dishwasher’s Dream—and learn from one of the best.

—Lindsay McPhail, RN, BScN


Highly relatable, accessible, and educational, A Dishwasher's Dream can create positive change for anyone who reads it, from the kitchen to the boardroom. Marc spells out the foundation of finance while at the same time explaining how to turn money into a tool to give back.

—Richard Victor Mahee, Television Producer, Financier, Emmy Award-Winning GIVE Show NBC 


A Dishwasher’s Dream accurately reflects Marc’s approach to business and life in general. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Marc and we’ve become good friends over the last seven years. After many conversations, observations, and discussions with him directly, with his associates and other professionals who work with him, I have been able to develop a fair and objective opinion of Marc. If you were to ask me for the top five values Marc lives by, they would be:

  • Perseverance
  • Positive attitude
  • Regimentation
  • Family and Friends
  • Faith

He reminds of a quote by George Herman “Babe” Ruth, the famous baseball player:  “It is hard to beat someone who never quits.” This is Marc! I am pleased to call him a friend and associate.

—Jim R. Humphres, CPA


Thank you, Marc, for sharing your personal journey with us. Your desire to make a difference in our lives is felt deeply through specific examples and caring advice. A Dishwasher’s Dream is not only a “must-read” but a “must keep” to remind, guide and inspire us as we walk our own paths towards success. Congratulations on your exceptional achievements in your life journey.

—Naznine Virjee, banker


A Dishwasher’s Dream is a book that everyone should read! Marc having crushed the status quo lives abundantly by these principles on a daily basis. I have seen Marc's work ethic firsthand and this is his exact formula. We are so lucky to have this book. This is a must-read.

—Amanda Prokopowich, Entrepreneur and Health Coach


A Dishwasher's Dream offers practical and comprehensive financial advice that we often take for granted. Many people wish to earn income to give back or to better their families’ lives. Yet, often they succumb to bad habits that prevent that goal from being realized. This book will get you there faster and with less frustration. I highly recommend it to those starting their careers or struggling to reach their goals at any age.

—Lisa Brush, CEO and Founder of Symphony Senior Living

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