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Our Story

Marc Lefebvre is the impetus behind a successful Card Payment Solutions Provider, which has consistently achieved business evolution in the past 33+ years.

At the inception of e-commerce, Marc Lefebvre visualized the massive capability of online Payment Processing: Enabling advanced solutions to a payment industry about to exponentially magnify.

Marc Lefebvre is a Certified Financial Planner [CFP] with an under-grad Bachelor of Commerce from Ottawa University. He is at heart an entrepreneur who comprehends and anticipates future business requirements and the transformation of market trends—both domestically and globally.


What developed was an international network of successful strategic alliances with domestic acquiring banks, international payments service providers, and their merchants: A network which continues to expand on the cusps of Emerging Markets, is a testament to this universal foresight on Global Card Payment Solutions.

Lefebvre International has been in business since 1999 and is affiliated with 14 different acquirers globally—with more on the way. Lefebvre International is also affiliated with a principal member of VISA and MasterCard in Europe operating their own BINs with all of our existing acquirers.

We have full in-house underwriting and risk management teams. We operate our own customized version of the Omnipay Processor Platform. We support over 180 processing currencies and 22 settlement currencies. We work with many large start-ups and MLMs, and we have built tailored solutions—enabling consolidation of their global processing, onto a single platform. This facilitates their reporting, settlements, customer support, and technical integrations—all in one place.

Our program in Hong Kong offers domestic processing, as well as intra-regional processing all throughout Asia-Pacific: Enabling access to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc…

We believe our EU program is uniquely amazing and it’s likely that we can save you money and offer better features. We are very familiar with the other processors out there and we know our programs at least compare, and often surpass our competitors—as few as they are of our caliber.

We can offer processing in Chinese Yuan, but the settlement would need to be in USD, Hong Kong Dollars, or another supported settlement currency.



  • Shipping and receiving (UPS, FedEx, DHL…); specialty shipping, i.e. citrus, wine, Omaha Steaks etc….;

  • Notary  Public and Commissions of Oaths services;

  • Basic legal and accounting services;

  • Universal Border Solutions, immigration consulting, cross border trusts, global corporation formation, wills, Identity Theft, International Banking;

  • Mail boxes and international addresses with telephone answering services;

  • Real-time US mail “waived” opening, receiving, depositing, transferring and /or sending;

  • Banking Platform and/or eWallet and prepaid cards under the UBC Brand (Universal Border Card) or your own white label;

  • Money remittance (send money on our branded Universal Border Card);

  • Pay utility bills and cursory business operations for small companies, and Western Unions;

  • ACH, EFT and Direct Debit;

  • Local and international credit card processing;

  • eCommerce;

  • Online marketing and SEO marketing/ media and social media initiatives and logo design, to mention but a few;

  • Promotional advertising and printing, website design and branding.



Notary Public and Commission of Oaths Services
Basic legal and Accounting Services