Why Hampton Financial ?

Hampton Financial makes the process of opening a merchant account easy and affordable. You’ll be setup to accept and process all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, plus debit cards and EBT. Funds are deposited electronically into your bank account within 48 hours. This ensures no-hassle payment from your customers, while reducing risk, saving time and improving your cash flow management.

More Reasons Why:

  • Competitive Rates
  • No Monthly Contracts
  • Free Equipment Solutions
  • Merchant Services For The Small Business Owner
  • Free QuickBook Software
  • Free Online Marketing Tool
  • 17 Years Experience


Why have we become the choice of so many small business owners in a wide variety of specialties?

The answer is simple: we are committed to you and your unique company and will make it our mission to help you prosper. We know that small businesses are not stamped out of a cookie cutter. Instead, each has its niche and caters to a unique set of customers with specific needs. Keeping them happy is the best way to guarantee that they will return to your establishment time and time again.

Of course, much of what ensures repeat business is your own stellar products and customer care. However, Hampton Financial can enhance all of your hard work by providing a seamless credit card processing system that will allow you to take payments quickly, securely and efficiently. Some of our services even give you the ability to accept payments off site, making things even more convenient for your customers.


Credit Card Processing Solutions

The other side of the coin is the benefits that we can provide to you as a small business owner. Along with happy buyers must come products and services that make your life easier and as cost-effective as possible. The last thing you need are hidden or confusing fees and high prices. At Hampton Financial, our promise is to be fully transparent with all fees and keep processing charges to a minimum. What’s more, it’s our privilege to offer credit processing equipment to you at absolutely NO CHARGE. That means FREE credit card machines for your business.

As an entrepreneur, you know that success comes from a combination of positive factors. Happy customers and streamlined business practices are two of the most important. Let us at Hampton Financial help to ensure that your company has both: Join us and see what a force we can be in promoting your success.No Startup feesNo ContractNo Cancellation fees and No Annual fees make our company the perfect solution to your processing needs.

SAVE an Average of 20% Monthly

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  • 100% FREE Terminals
  • Zero Contracts

  • Zero Termination Fees
  • Ideal Monthly Account Fees
  • Special & Customized Merchant Account Rates